The Articles of the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) (Proposal 16.9.2022)

Article 1, Subject matter and scope

1. This Regulation lays down common rules for the proper functioning of the internal market for media services, including the establishment of the European Board for Media Services, while preserving the quality of media services.

2. This Regulation shall not affect rules laid down by:

(a)Directive 2000/31/EC;

(b)Directive 2019/790/EU;

(c)Regulation 2019/1150;

(d)Regulation (EU) 2022/XXX [the Digital Services Act];

(e)Regulation (EU) 2022/XXX [the Digital Markets Act];

(f)Regulation (EU) 2022/XXX [Regulation on the transparency and targeting of political advertising].

3. This Regulation shall not affect the possibility for Member States to adopt more detailed rules in the fields covered by Chapter II and Section 5 of Chapter III, provided that those rules comply with Union law.

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